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ABOUT THE COMPANY: Lillibett Books was founded by
Elizabeth Rodger Green, author/illustrator of books in
several different genre for toddlers to adult ….presented
in the previous pages.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Elizabeth Rodger was born in
Scotland and raised in a small village about twenty miles
from Glasgow. On completing her elementary education
locally, she attended High School in a nearby town and
blossomed in the sports arena, competing in four. At
college level, she matured in track to compete for Scotland. On graduating from Glasgow School of Art, a world-renowned institution accredited by Glasgow University, her life-time interest in the well-being of young children was perceived. She returned for a year of post-graduate study in children’s literature with the dream of eventually writing and illustrating books for children. A portfolio of illustration weighted toward animal characters suitable for youngest readers was developed. A wanderlust bug took hold and she migrated to New York where she was hired by Golden Books as a designer. After the birth of her first son, she continued to work as a designer on a variety of projects for Golden Books and other publishing companies on a free-lance basis. Meanwhile, her dream was set aside to concentrate on her growing family. Eventually, her dream caught hold again and she began the process of submitting her portfolio to publishing companies for consideration. One day, there was a call from the head of Golden Books requesting she draw a Mother Goose in the style of Richard Scarry. On completion of the work, she received a beautiful letter from Richard Scarry indicating it was the 'Best Mother Goose Ever'. Thus began a relationship. As Richard’s eyesight was failing, a way had been found to produce new books under his name. During the ensuing years, she wrote and illustrated over forty books in his style, and received many warm and complimentary letters from Richard. In one letter he described her work on his behalf - 'It has been consistently excellent. It is not easy for an artist to capture another artists's style, to say nothing of his spirit. You have been magnificent with the books you have done, and I hope many more in the future.'- recognition from a truly generous and delightful gentleman. After his passing, she picked up on her dream and her work was published by companies such as Simon & Schuster, Random House, Golden Books, Scholastic, and others.
During the years producing Richard Scarry books, she
relocated to Northern New Jersey where she raised her
three sons in the rural town of Sparta. Encouraging her
sons to have the athletic youth she enjoyed, she was
drawn into town activities and was President of the Sparta Soccer Club for three years, coached for thirteen, the last eight with the sixteen to nineteen year boys in the premier division of the Northern Counties Soccer Association.


.After the inception of the Sparta Soccer Club, the growth of participating players, from Elementary through High School was enormous. With the support of a wonderful group of parents, she petitioned the Town Council to develop playing fields. Ninety acres was purchased and is now Station Park, a wonderful sports complex for a variety of activities. After stepping down from the board of the Soccer Club, she served for ten years on the Recreation
Commission appointed by the Town Council. When Santa
came to town, she was allotted the job of cooking pop-corn
to keep the line entertained. She smiles at memories of
angelic little faces returning for a sneaky second, third, or
fourth helping, pushing her to be quite the bionic cook.
After the years of volunteer effort for the youth in Sparta,
she resigned her position on the Commission to devote her
energy to developing more children’s stories, and the
writing and research of two novels, BUT FOR FREEDOM -
Across the Sea Beyond Skye, and the sequel BUT FOR
FREEDOM - A Rebellious Echo of the White Cockade,
fiction based on the history of Scotland and Virginia. And,
to complete her dream, she has established Lillibett Books
to publish a world of little bunnies and little piggies, reissue
popular previous titles, and plan new for young readers.


          NORWESCAP CFRS's

              STARTING HEALTHY
         is NORWESCAP's initiative,

      in collaboration with Atlantic Health Systems
           and NJ Healthy Communities Network,
        to address physical activity and nutrition in
                            child care facilities.

                   As a guest speaker at the event,
                     Elizabeth gave a presentation
                            on starting a garden,
       and the nutritional benefits from fresh produce.

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Signing books at the State Fair

       in support of 4H.

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FROM THE AUTHOR: Having given almost twenty years of volunteer service for the youth in town, I intend to continue in a different vein by combining my publishing with an active program involving schools in the surrounding districts of New Jersey. I'll offer presentations to kindergarten and first grade classes on the production of a book. As a designer, author, and illustrator, I can show the physical elements in the progress of production.

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